"Find your voice, write your song!"


Focusing on voice, breathing and body perception, we enjoy singing creatively and develop the ability to create our own music.

Our musical treasure flows from our own pen and the music of our seven CD releases and our songbook is composed by ourselves. We want to share this ability to create music with other people. In our singer/songwriter workshops we support people of different age groups and professions in their own creativity and compose songs together. No previous musical knowledge is required! The positive experience of music and the immersion in one's own creativity are in the foreground.

Our workshops are, depending on your wishes, one, two, three days or one week long. The number of participants is between 8 and 16 persons. The result at the end of a workshop are songs composed by the group together.

Our concept is based on the experience of our own self-efficacy; on the one hand through the discovery of our own voice, breathing and music within ourselves, on the other hand through the joint creation of melodies, rhythms and lyrics, in order ultimately to create a small total work of art. This Gesamtkunstwerk can either simply stand for itself, be actually performed, recorded and presented, or live on in some way, be it "only" in the personal inner treasure chamber of the creative individual.